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We are a small business offering the best in chimney cleanings, repair, products, and installations.  At the Flue Doctor Chimney Service we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy.  We have been family owned and operated in Pomfret Center, CT since 1978. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Chimney Cleaning and Inspection

Cleaning your chimney regularly is probably the cheapest insurance you can buy for your home. The Chimney Safety Institute of America reported and average of 27,000 structure fires caused by heating systems each year. Don’t become a statistic!


We recommend your wood stove or pellet stove flue should be cleaned and inspected at least once a year. Your fireplace, every other year. Your oil furnace or other non-condensing fuel appliance flue, every three years.


Your typical cleaning should take about an hour, and includes an inspection of your chimney system.

Stainless Steel Liner Systems

When your flue tiles are damaged, or your chimney is unlined, the best long-term solution is a stainless steel liner system.  The liner is installed inside your chimney and will bypass damage or bring your older chimney up to code.  A combination of stainless components will be used to adapt the liner system to your specific needs.


When possible we will insulate around the liner with either a ceramic wool blanket or granulated insulation. This will improve draft and greatly reduce creosote and condensation inside the liner.


** NOT ALL LINERS ARE CREATED EQUAL ** We use Homesaver, Armor Flex, Ventinox, and Smart Flex. These are extremely strong liners that can withstand the abuse of harsh yearly cleanings. Many other brands will void the warranty if even a steel brush is used. Contact us today for a free in-home estimate.

Stove Installation

We install all types of wood, gas, pellet, etc.. Woodstoves will generally be installed into a masonry chimney or fireplace, but we can also install a metal chimney to vent it almost anywhere. Pellet and gas stoves can also be installed into masonry chimneys, but are most easily installed through an exterior wall.

Call today for a free in-home estimate.

Stainless Steel Chimney Systems

Stainless steel chimneys are a great alternative to masonry or an unreliable power-vent.  They install much faster, carry a lifetime warranty, and can be installed almost anywhere. Because they are insulted, clearances to combustibles are only 2″, plus creosote and condensation are greatly reduced. Call today for a free in-home estimate

Rain, Animal Caps, and Energy Saving Fireplace Dampers, and draft-inducing fans

Made by Gelco, Homesaver, U.S. Fireplace Products, Premier Tops, and Enervex. Your chimney will determine what brand we will offer to you. As always, there are a lot of manufacturers out there, and we only install the best.


We offer caps in Stainless steel, Copper, or stainless powder coated a variety of colors.  We carry many stock sized caps on the truck with us, and we can also give you a free estimate for custom sizes and styles. We also install energy-saving Top Dampers, and draft-inducing Enervex fans for fireplaces.

Masonry Repair & Rebuilding

Our masonry service includes but is not limited to:

  • Rebuilding
  • Repointing
  • Crown repair
  • Flashing
Masonry Waterproofing

We use Chimney Saver waterproofing exclusively. It is non-silicone based, does not create a “shell” like it’s competitors, and allows the chimney to remain breathable. It and carries a 10 yr. product warranty when applied to a sound chimney.


Even if you do not see it in your house, water will absorb into your chimney. During the winter months it will freeze, expand, and crack. Replacing your chimney is an obviously expensive procedure. You may not be able to see hairline cracks and damage from the ground, but with a simple inspection we can tell you if your chimney is at risk. Chimney saver is also a solution to water penetrating the living space in your house. If your chimney flashing is sound, and you are seeing water marks in your ceiling, it is most likely coming from inside your chimney.


We may also offer you other complimenting products to weatherproof your chimney.  Saver Systems is our go-to manufacturer for Chimney Saver waterproofing, Crown Coat, Crack Seal, and Flash Seal.  We have used their products for over 20 years because they are the best and they stand by their warranties.  Contact us for a free estimate.

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